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Best Practices to Prevent COVID-19

By May 21, 2020 No Comments

Since COVID-19 has paralyzed the world, people are stuck at their home due to fear of pandemic. The world is struggling to get away with it. The pandemic has not only affected the health but the economy as well. People are preferring to do social distancing rather than going out for earning. People are ordering masks and gloves from the best medical supply store online to escape COVID-19.

So far, only the US has observed 1.29 million cases and over 76,000 deaths. Now it’s a significant number, WHO expected to see around 600 million people in totality affected with the COVID-19. By far, only 3.85 million people worldwide have been affected. The death number is 270,000 worldwide.

Protection Gears

Since the vaccine has not invented, the only solution is medical equipment. There are many online best medical supply stores to purchase PPE, gloves and masks to wear before leaving home. However, the supply lines have bottleneck because of the demand. There is way more demand than the supply. Since people need prevention – so, they are making a DIY mask with fabric and rubber band to have at least minimum protection. Below are the two functions of face masks during a pandemic:

It is the barrier to avoid any germ or droplet hit your nose and lips. Usually, people cough or sneeze and droplets are aerosolized. And COVID-19 droplet remains in the air for at least 3 hours. So, the masks protect pretty much well.

  1. They protect from the exhalation of the wearer.
  2. The wear doesn’t touch their nose and lips.

The scientists are also testing a variety of material to provide maximum people masks. The materials which stand phenomenal during scientific testing includes HEPA filters usually found in furnaces or vacuum. Besides it, the stuff that performed well during the screening consists of stacked coffee filters. The bandanas and scarves give the lowest protection.

Hence, it recommended buying all protection gears from the best medical supply store online – as they always FDA approved material. Otherwise, it’s useless to wear a scarf mask, which doesn’t protect you completely.

Remedy for COVID-19 Exposure  

You must have heard about the herd immunization. It’s sad to put one’s life in danger to gaze the survival of the fittest – no way, every life counts. Indeed, people must avoid until the vaccine invented. So, apart from the best medical protection wear, few things are supposed to be done by the individuals. Let’s shed some light on it:

  • Keep physical distance
  1. Don’t go close to the people going through any ailment.
  2. Keep an arms-length distance with everyone.
  3. Don’t visit the places crowded, like malls, theatres, and sports places.
  • Wash your hands
  1. Take at least 20 seconds to wash your hands after you have come from outside, touched your nose, cough or sneeze.
  2. Put a sanitizer in your pocket, whether you are going out or not. The sanitizer must have 60% alcohol. You can buy from any best medical supply store online.  
  3. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and lips with unwashed hands.
  4. Use a tissue to touch any surface in the public place like elevator buttons, door handles, and handrails.
  • Clean and disinfect
  1. After every 14 days, disinfect your home—all the doors, tables, nobs, switches, desks, phones, and other things.
  2. Clean the surfaces with the detergent if it goes dirty.
  • Make sure your co-workers and family are also taking precautionary steps
  1. Give them the awareness of the hand cleaning. At your office, run an advert of handwashing after touching any unnecessarily.
  2. Ask your family to do all the shopping online, including grocery and medicines.

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