Drive™ JetNeb Plus


  • Jet Neb Plus , Average Particle Size 3.4 µm
  • Flow 5.1 L/min
  • Fraction of Fine Particles 92.60%
  • Maximum Filling Volume 8 ml
  • Minimum Filling Volume 2 ml
  • Nebulization Rate 0.3 ml / min
  • Output 0.45 ml
  • Output Range 0.02 ml / min
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The Drive™ JetNeb Plus breath enhanced reusable nebulizer utilizes a dual valve system improving clinical efficacy and treatment efficiency
Through superior product engineering, the Drive™ JetNeb Plus uses an inspiratory valve that delivers more medication while the patient breathes in, and an expiratory valve that wastes less when the patient breathes out
Optimized average particle size of 3.4 µm for targeted deep lung therapy
Up to 92.6% of medication is aerosolized into fine particle mist

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