PetTest 21 Gauge Twist Top Lancets


  • Yields More Blood, More Often;
  • Precision Tri-Bevel Tip Minimizes Pain;
  • Fits in Virtually ANY Lancing Device;
  • Developed Specifically for Dogs and Cats;
  • Single Use, Sterile. For Capillary Blood Samples for Dogs and Cats;
  • Reduces “Wasted Strips” due to Insufficient Sample
  • Diabetic Supply of Suncoast, Inc.
  • China

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“Advocate PetTest 21 Gauge Twist Top Lancets for dogs and cats were developed specifically to provide the
best, most consistent blood sample for glucose testing on your pet. These lancets fit virtually any lancing
device, including lancing devices from other pet glucose systems. PetTest 21 Gauge Twist Top
lancets can dramatically reduce “short samples” that lead to the expense of wasted
test strips and the frustration of re-testing.”

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