Presto™ Overnight FlexRight™ Underwear


  • FlexRight™ Underwear
  • XX-Large
  • White
  • 68″ – 80″
  • 10
  • 4 bags of 10 (40 ct.)
  • Underwear Overnight
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  • “-Extended wear products are designed for longer day or nighttime use.
  • -FlexRight™ underwear hugs the contours of the body closely for a more snug, secure fit.
  • -LeakSecure™ barriers provide the most reliable leak protection.
  • -OdorSecure™ technology prevents odors before they have a chance to form.
  • -Swift & Soft™ layer prevents leaks and improves skin dryness by efficiently funneling liquid into the absorbent core.
  • -MoistureLock™ dual core increases the core’s ability to absorb and lock fluid away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The top core also adds powerful absorbency in the target zone where you need it most.
  • -Underwear includes tear-away seams for convenient removal.
  • -Size tag helps easily identify back of underwear and its size.
  • -Soft and discreet materials prevent skin irritation.
  • -Unisex”
  • “-Extended Wear
  • -LeakSecure™ Barriers
  • -OdorSecure™
  • -Swift & Soft™ Layer
  • -MoistureLock™ Dual Core
  • -Advanced Softness”

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