Michael Slater

A Happy client

I was looking for a blood pressure monitor that was reliable and fairly priced. Most stores on the internet either offered low-quality or extremely over-priced products, both of which weren’t options. During my search I stumbled across YMQ Medical’s website, where the range of products, their quality and their pricing was too good to be real. But for some reason I ended up making a purchase. Its been a year now and the BP monitor works just as well as it did on day one. Would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for medical equipment to try YMQ.

Sofia Jones

Facility Manager

We were looking for good prices for our new facility’s furnishing and equipment. Now, we had quotes from a lot of suppliers, their products was subpar at best. We came across YMQ Medical and upon inquiry they offered us the latest equipment at prices that were almost unmatched. While it was against the ordinary, we decided to go for an online supplier for a major decision and honestly it has worked out extremely well for us.